Reality check

Von Helen

OK it’s time for a reality check. This is a phrase often used in business and means it’s time to look at a situation realistically. When it is used the person saying it believes that whatever was suggested is not realistic or feasible.
Perhaps the Marketing department believes it is time to launch a new product and the Sales Director replies by saying ‚ Time for a reality check, none of the salesteam has been trained on this product yet `

You give somebody a reality check: man öffnet jdm die Augen.
You take a reality check: man schaut wie die Wirklichkeit tatsächlich aussieht
You do a reality check: man blickt der Wahrheit ins Auge

Nehmen Sie sich vor, ‚reality check‘ korrekt anzuwenden:

– it’s time for a reality check
– let me give you a reality check
– let’s take a reality check
– we need to do a reality check

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Viel Spaß dabei !