English Tea Time July 2015

Von Helen
English Tea Time July 2015

Despite temperatures which were more suited to a beer garden, I was delighted to welcome all who came to the Tea Time. With the blinds down and the high ceilings it was, I believe, bearable. It is always a great pleasure for me to see a room full of people with various mother tongues, all speaking English as a second language, and enjoying it immensely. No barriers to speaking, great conversations and, of course, fun. During the Tea Time there was also the opportunity to learn some interesting facts about the River Thames. As most people know, I walked the Thames Path last year and was overawed by the nature and wildlife in the upper parts and all the history and interesting facts along the way to London.

For those who completed the quiz, there was a raffle on the Friday morning to determine the winners. Thank you very much to Florian for pulling the winners out of the bag. By the way, a very big thank you to Herbert’s wife for giving me this wonderful homemade bag; such wonderful, striking colours. The winners are:
Business Spotlight Magazine:
– Natascha
– Verena

Spotlight Magazine
– Sylvia
– Sigrid
– Renate and Maria

There was one cake that was particularly enjoyed by everyone; Joanna’s Carrot Cake. So by popular demand you can check out the recipe here: Joanna Carrot cake  

I would once again like to say a very big thank you to everyone for coming and for the gifts you brought. Naughty of you ….. but very nice! Hope to see you again at the next Tea Time in Autumn.