Englische Redewendungen: Weather idioms

Von Helen
Englische Redewendungen: weather idioms

Let’s talk…About weather idioms.
When it comes to the subject of the weather, there is surely no better source of idioms to be found.Only recently I experienced one of those days which lends itself perfectly to the use of these idioms.
It had been a short night and in the morning I was feeling just a little down in the doldrums. Then one thing after the other started to go wrong. I knew I had hit rough weather when I couldn’t get the coffee machine to work. But I perservered and was just about to rejoice in my success and watch the coffee smoothely glide into my mug when it spluttered noisily out sending splashes of coffee everywhere and in particular onto my white blouse. Of course it never rains but it pours and, having convinced myself that there was no alternative blouse in the wardrobe, I was forced to get the iron and ironing board out.
Understandably I was now just a little bit later than I had planned but every cloud has a silver lining because that meant I missed the speed camera. The friendly men in green had just dismantled it, however not before they had caught my husband on it. Come rain or shine there always seems to be one of those well-hidden boxes on the way to work. As you can imagine, my husband wasn’t exactly on cloud nine that morning.