Business Englisch — Zahlen präsentieren

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Zahlen in Englisch präsentieren: Vermeiden Sie diese zwei Fehler
Giving numbers during a presentation can be a daunting (abschreckend/entmutigend) task. There are a number of pitfalls (Fallen) to be avoided:

1. You don’t always need to give exact figures.  It can be very confusing (verwirrend) for an audience to hear too much complexity. Consider the presenter talking about sales of €9,876 and profits of €4,529. It is far better to use approximations in the presentation: sales of almost €10,000 and profits of approximately €4,500 (four and a half thousand). Exact figures can always be given in a handout afterwards but remember to lead your audience to the right conclusion by using approximations and avoid not getting the message (Botschaft) across because you confused them too much with exact numbers.

2. When you describe trends and graphs always ensure that you use a variety of vocabulary. It can be very boring for the audience to hear ‚ sales increased 2011, sales increased 2012 then sales decreased in January 2013 and increased in February‘ . Add variety to maintain interest.

Business English vocabulary for describing trends

variety in describing an upward trend in english

Describing an upward trend

The graph shows a strong upward trend
Sales have shot up
Sales have rocketed (Umsätze sind in die Höhe geschossen)
Sales have grown dramatically
Sales have increased tremendously

Variety in describing a downward trend in English

Describing a downward trend

The graph shows a strong downward trend
Sales have deteriorated
Sales have dropped dramatically
Sales have shrunk
Sales have slumped

Getting variety in describing a fluctuating trend in English

Describing fluctuation

The graph shows some fluctuation
Sales show ups and downs
Sales are more or less on the same level
Sales have stagnated at one level
Sales have evened out

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